Terms and Conditions


Extra charges may apply

  • Machine cleaning (from pets poop)

  • Shifting objects from lawn

  • Maintenance due to damage from hidden rocks,bones or metal ect

  • Removal of excess waste

  • Travel time

  • Skipping on fortnightly txt plan may result in additional charges on the next mowing


  • We will not be held liable for damages to vehicles that are not moved while attending to lawns

  • Quotes will be invalid if original task is changed

  • Quoted prices exclude GST

  • WINZ jobs must be paid in full prior to work start

  • If you request specific products to be used we can not guaranty quality job please make sure we are aware of these products prior to job start

  • We do not guaranty stain removal from carpet shampoo

  • Discounts may only be approved by a manager

  • Late payment may result in penalty fees after 7 days

  • All costs incurred in recovery of overdue accounts will be added to the total amount owed

  • Photos may be used for training and marketing purposes

  • Your personal information will not be sold or given out without your knowledge or approval

  • By accepting our service you agree to  our terms and conditions

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